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20 North street

20 North Street is the name we use when we add investors and industrial experience to small growth companies. We are looking for companies that meet the below criteria.

Does your company meet the criteria?

Click here to contact us and to find out more

Does your company meet the criteria?

Click here to contact us and to find out more


Industries we understand

We focus on healthcare companies within pharma, biotech, medical technology and health care services and; technology companies within software and hardware.


Early phase

We are primarily interested when the capital and competence we add are required for product or market development.


Minority ownership to support entrepreneurs

We make investments in companies which are still small and where we can make a difference as owners.


Initial investment of SEK 10 million

We invest in several rounds of financing but limit our initial investment to SEK 10 million.



We are looking for a high return which typically is achieved through and exit within 3-5 years.


Active Board representation

Our investors make a difference for the companies we invest in through the board.


Rheman Partners

A global equity fund focused on healthcare

Trimb Healthcare

Sales and marketing of OTC-pharmaceuticals and consumer healthcare products


Software for patient cases in the life science industry


Hospitality software for hotels


Remote screening and monitoring of heart and lungs


A system for real-time monitoring of biological pharmaceuticals in transport or warehouse enabling quality compliance, safety and reduced disposals.


Vanadis Diagnostics

Automated Non-Invasive Prenatal Testing